It would be funnier, if it wasn’t true….

Today’s “This Modern World”:

On a related note, a thought occurred to me about the whole recent surge of Evangelical influence in this country, and it was actually a comforting one: I think that what we’re seeing is the last, desperate push. When your entire belief system hinges upon things which all have been conclusively shown to be scientifically impossible, eventual extinction is an inevitability. You just can’t hold out against fact forever. We’ve seen it before. I think we’re witnessing the final, and admittedly powerful, surge of effort….the dying throes of a Victorian lifestyle that is at the edge of extinction.

It may not happen soon enough for my comfort, but I do take some comfort in the knowledge that it will eventually die out, or at least become so much of a minority view that it may as well be dead.

I take even more comfort in trying to figure out ways to speed its demise, so that it may find its true place in the list of “wacky-ass shit that we used to believe”, like the earth-centered universe, the phlogiston theory, and phrenology.

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