More Downing Street Memo-related Outrages….

Another article, describing a letter that Congressman Conyers sent to the Washington Post, over a smear-job they did reporting the hearing into the Downing Street Memo that he organized last Thursday.

The article discusses the sad state of the American media, which we’re all depressingly more than familiar with now.

However, some interesting facts about Thursday’s hearing that I was unaware of:

  • The hearing (technically a “public forum”, since the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee refused to show up), was held in a small conference room, rather than the normal Committee meeting room—The reason: despite the fact that a number of other suitable rooms were available in the Capitol and House office buildings, Republicans declined Conyers requests for each and every one of them.
  • The very moment the hearing was scheduled to begin, the Republican Leadership scheduled an almost unprecedented number of 11 consecutive floor votes, making it next to impossible for many of the Congressmen to participate in the first 90 minutes of the hearing.

I cannot believe what is happening to this country. Watergate is happening again, and this time, the fuckers will get away with it.

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