Democracy in Action

So, I’ve taken to occasionally sending emails to my representatives in Congress.

This has been disheartening, to say the very least, because in each case, I’ve gotten a response (via regular mail), that has FUCK-ALL TO DO WITH WHAT I EMAILED ABOUT.

Email to Sam Brownback about the Downing Street Memo? Letter in response thanking me for “contacting him about the reconstruction of the newly liberated Iraq.”

Email to Pat Roberts about Gitmo? Letter in response about the Patriot Act.

Email to Dennis Moore (my sole Democratic representative) about the new credit-card-company-sponsored bankrupcy laws? Well, OK….he actually responded on-topic: to tell me why HE FUCKING SUPPORTED IT.


3 Replies to “Democracy in Action”

  1. I’ve taken to sending insulting emails to John Cornyn, calling him a coward and insinuating a complete and utter lack of moral fiber. I know it will make no difference, but I keep hoping my rants make the day of some disaffected staffer.

    (And the only thing Biden’s fit to be president of after his performance on the credit card bill is MBNA.)

  2. Sounds about like what I would expect from politicians. Ever notice how, in an interview, they never actually answer the question asked, but give out whatever sound bite is next on their agenda? Hell, they aren’t even subtle about most times!

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