Flaming Liberalism! Proceed At Own Risk!

Just keeping a tally:

  • Jeff Gannon, a gay, male prostitute posing as a reporter, allowed into the White House by the administration under an alias to pitch soft-ball questions at press conferences. Result? Nothing.
  • Bush administration revealed to be paying off “journalists” and commentators like Armstrong Williams to pitch their positions across the country. Result? Nothing.
  • Downing Street Memo–internal British government document quotes director of Intelligence service as saying “intelligence is being fixed” to support Bush’s pre-determined outcome of invading Iraq, a nation that did not attack us, despite continued efforts by the Bush administration to conflate Iraq and 9/11. Result? Nothing.
  • Top Presidential advisor and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove is revealed to be the source of the leak that revealed CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity….which is, according to the laws of the US, an act of treason. Made all the more egregious by the motivation–pay-back for her husband’s public criticism of the Iraq policy. Result? Nothing so far.
  • *Internal* reports by the FBI reveal torture at Gitmo and Bagram Air Base. Bush Administration and Republicans blame the messenger…not the FBI, but the Democrats who attempt to draw attention to the FBI reports. The United States is engaged in torture. Result? Nothing.
  • Bush adminstration demands that NYC return 125 million dollars of already-appropriated funds for 9/11 victims. Yes, you read that right. They’re taking the money back. Result? Nothing—the media has barely covered it at all.
  • Contracts for work in the reconstruction of Iraq and support for the troops stationed there are awared in no-bid contracts to Halliburton…which “just happens” to have been formerly run by VP Dick Cheney. Oh, and they’re revealed to be massively overcharging for their services. Oh, and a recent audit reveals that Billions (with a B) of dollars have gone unaccounted for in the Iraq reconstruction. Result? You guessed it. Nothing.

All of the above barely scratches the surface of the media, who instead fills us with daily updates on Tom & Katie, Michael Jackson, Natalie Holloway, while reading White House press releases in between. The majority of the American people either don’t know, or don’t care.

On the other hand:

  • Whitewater! Land deal, where Clinton made no money. After $64 Million dollar investigation, and constant media coverage, the end result is that the President had done nothing wrong.
  • Travelgate! White House travel office employees fired by “secret agenda” by Hillary Clinton!! Scandal! Shock! Horror!!!
  • Lewinsky! President gets a blow-job. Yup. Got him on that one. Even got him denying it. Result? 24-7 news media coverage for well over a year, and the House votes to Impeach.

Just figured that I’d lay that out for folks.

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