Cindy Sheehan, Patriot

By now you’ve all heard of Cindy Sheehan, the Gold Star mother (for those who don’t know, Gold Stars are issued to families who have lost loved ones in wartime), who is camped outside of Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, and refuses to leave until he takes time out of his extended vacation (yet another one) to meet with her and answer her questions about why we’re in Iraq. She lost her son to this meaningless war, so some folks (myself included) think that she deserves some answers.

Hell, the smart thing for this asshole to do would be to meet with her, because then the STORY WOULD GO AWAY. But no, this administration is too fucking stupid to realize that. Instead, they stonewall, keeping a mother who lost her son standing outside the gates of privilege….seemingly oblivious to the PR nightmare that this is creating for them. The proxies on the Neo-Con right, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, et. al. have the audacity to launch smear attacks against this woman. It’s disgusting. However, what can you expect from people that attacked a public critic by outing an undercover agent who’d spent her career working to protect us from weapons of mass destruction….or smearing a Silver Star/Purple Heart veteran who volunteered to fight in Vietnam? Why should we expect them to “play nice” with the mother of a dead soldier?

Cindy Sheehan has actually started blogging from her vigil outside of the ranch. The blog is hosted by the Huffington Report, and this is the latest entry. Viggo Mortensen apparently came to visit her yesterday. Chalk up another reason why I think that man is great.

She’s the real hero here, though. She’s lost a child, and is demanding some accountability from her leaders. I wish there was something that I could do for her.

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