Stage Show Update

Update the first: I received a packet with everyone’s contracts in the mail today. I’ll be bringing them to rehearsal this Saturday. We’re marked as “Yes” for Parade, but that’s a standard….I’m still going to cross it out, mark “medical” off to the side, and explain (if it comes up, which it may not) that I pretty much crippled myself last season, which is a big reason for doing the stage show this year….I now have regular ankle and arch pain which I didn’t have before, and have to sit down fairly often (I’ll be doing most of our between-show Lane work from seated positions). We’ll see how that plays out, I suppose.

Update the second: We will be at Media Party (Friday the 26th), for those interested. If you’re a performer, and would like to get a look at the show, we’ll also be out on Site Day (Saturday the 27th), rehearsing. The E.D. tells me that he’s expecting to wrap Site Day by lunchtime, so we’ll be starting up around then, if you want to stick around and have a larf.

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