….because no holiday season is complete, apparently, without the joyous experience of having some socially-stunted assclown come and play out his inadequacy issues on my LJ.

The temptation to make this Friends-only is really growing. I am getting so fucking tired of dealing with emotionally damaged little men. So very tired.

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  1. Yes, yes. I must retain access to your genial grumpiness about the game industry and your seething rage at the neocon criminals.

    Also your awesome Friday music.

    Without LJ I’d only get to hear your thoughts infrequently on EN World, and that would be a shame.

  2. Either that, or just be more liberal with the post deletions and IP bannings. Don’t let the fucktards draw you into an all-or-nothing position on this. Inviting strangers into your virtual living room because you enjoy the conversation is not inconsistent with kicking them out at a moment’s notice if they piss you off. This is your private space, you don’t have to justify it.

  3. Of course, I speak as someone who is not (I think) explicitly on your FL. I’d be super bummed if I didn’t at least get your Friday music posts.

  4. I’d rather see it friends-only than comments-free. I’ve run into several interesting folks through G’s comments. Make the Adamant/game design/industry posts public and make the political/personal posts friends-only. You can put a note up (you can fiddle with the date, so set it to 12/21/09 or something so it stays at the top) saying that if someone wants to be added to your FList, to drop you a line and set up a GMail account for that express purpose.

  5. I paticularly like your posts. I don’t think I’ve commented much, but I do enjoy these posts of a like-minded individual. If you plan to make this friends-only, I ask that you include me.

    (I used to be out at KCRF as one of the interpreters, until I moved to a state that is more red than MO). I NEED FREE THINKERS IN MY LIFE!!!!

  6. I’m certainly hoping I’m not one who offended. Your last post, or, more to the point, the replies to your last post spurred me into writing.

    I, for one, welcome our new friends-only overlord.

    “If you can’t beat them, arrange to have them beaten.” – George Carlin

  7. If you do make this journal friends only (and I wouldn’t blame you in the least if you did), could I place my request to be added to your friends list too? We haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but I like to think we’ve always gotten along fairly well. And I would certainly miss the entertainment (and information) I’ve gotten from reading your journal.

  8. I would agree with this.

    Although it may be appropriate for you to lock certain of your posts to friends only, if you think it appropriate.


  9. I just created a Live Journal account just so I could comment on this entry, Gareth. :)

    Anyway, I would hate for this to become Friends-only since it has made for an interesting read thus far. This is probably because you actually have something to say when you post, unlike some that just post drivel for drivel’s sake.

    So if you do go Friends-only, I might have to whine and beg to be added to the list because I have found the RSS feed from this journal to be a nice addition to my day.

  10. Crap. I just discovered you (through a fellow Browncoat) and added you to my list. Consider this my whine-and-beg-to-be-added request.

    We now resume our regular scheduled de-programming.

  11. Or you could just ignore the asshats and not give them the satisfaction of you having to adjust any of your behaviour for their asshattery!

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