Cool Yule

Belated Solstice wishes to all and sundry.

Last night’s Yule dinner was lovely. whipped up some very yummy things (and provided recipes, so BONUS!).

Came back to Chez Us, and discovered that the rest of my early Christmas present had arrived. Spent the next two-and-a-half hours installing, testing, and dealing with SBCGlobal’s tech support staff (which was as irritating as you might expect). If you send tech to somebody, send some fucking documentation, so they can get stuff done without having to wait for ages on hold and being kicked around from agent to agent because your living-in-Bombay, outsourced ass doesn’t understand Macs.

Problem eventually solved, and now it’s like having a new computer. My iMac has been juiced up with three times the memory, the additional external hard drive that I mentioned a while back, and a new wireless network gateway, so the other computers in the house (equipped with AirPort cards) can access the internet. Much with the w00Tage.

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