Overall, I had a good time at the goat girls’ birthday bash last night….although I think I’ll be avoiding rum in the future. It gave me a very different drunk than I’m used to….I felt oddly disconnected and not fully participatory all evening. Almost like I was watching the event, rather than being there….which, given the fact that I was really looking forward to social interaction, was unfortunate. I mean, I know that I was social, it’s just that the sense of distance made it feel like I was less social than I could have been. Dunno. It was an odd feeling.

It was good to see everyone, though. I am constantly awed by having such amazing people as friends. As said: “With friends like these, who needs porn?”

Nothing at all going on today….a lazy sleepy day. and I slept until noon, and that pretty much set the tone of the day. I’ve done nothing all day, and honestly, whereas that might sound relaxing, I just found it boring.

Next weekend: Serenity. Bwah-ha-ha-ha, etc.