More Damning Evidence to Be Ignored

The AP acquired confidential video showing President George W Bush being briefed by officials on the eve of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
The video clearly shows very strong warnings being given to Mr Bush about the potential strength of the storm…contradicting subsequent suggestions by the Bush administration that the threat had been unclear.

In other news, water is wet, and winds blow.

Gosh, color me surprised. Another lie, another fuck-up, and more direct evidence. Any chance that the American people will get up in arms about this?

Only if it pre-empts American Idol.

5 Replies to “More Damning Evidence to Be Ignored”

  1. I think alot of people are afraid to speak out about things. There are many who fear that they will be put on no fly lists, etc. There was a story awhile back about someone on LJ who had the secret service show up at their door because they were getting political. Perhaps people see that laws are being broken and they wonder if that means they can be “disappeared”.
    Just speculating. I think we need to take 50% of the country off Prozac. Antidepressants have a tendency to numb all emotions and make people feel nothing but apathy.

  2. Perhaps I’m still more naive than I’d like to admit, but I have some hope that people will react to this. If nothing else, the folks in NO and the surroundings should react, seeing as how this is one of Bush’s lies that influenced their lives directly.

  3. Okay, so we’re with you. We’re horrified, pissed off, and upset. But what the hell can we do if everyone else is content to watch cable and be lied too?

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