We went to see V For Vendetta last night.

I wonder where I can buy a few million Guy Fawkes masks….

Couple of odd things, related: I was sticking around in the theater, waiting for the music credits, because I wanted to find out the name and artist of the brilliant electronic track in the closing credits that used the Malcolm X samples.

Anyway — I’m the only one in the theater (or so I thought) — and the teenager had already gone out to the lobby. Suddenly, a petite brunette, whom I hadn’t seen, walks up next to me and grabs my wrist gently. I look at her, and she says: “Nine Eleven Truth dot org.” She then lets my wrist go, turns, and leaves me alone in the theater.

I was already aware of 911truth.org — it’s a site which questions the official story of the events of 9/11. But to have it given to me as a message, in such a conspiratorial tone, after the screening of that particular movie, was a very odd experience.

Second thing: I found out that the track in question is called BKAB, by Ethan Stoller. Naturally, it’s not on the official soundtrack album. I tracked down the artists’ website, and discovered a few very annoying things. One, he has no record deal. He lucked into getting that track in the movie. Two, he has the song available as a paid download on his site….but it’s the “Speechless” mix. Without the samples. Because he doesn’t have the clearance rights for them. He’s supposedly trying to clear the samples himself, and if he does, he’ll have the “real” version available. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

For right now, though, the song that I loved, the song that I wanted to get…..DOESN’T EXIST, except as a brief sound snippet at the closing credits of the film. Odd.

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