As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Steely Dan. They were my first musical obsession, back when early adolescence hit and my tastes began to develop. I discovered them courtesy of the record collection of a friend’s big brother, left behind while he was away at college. I soon scoured bargain cassette bins in every record shop I went to, until I had amassed my own complete Dan catalog — a feeling which would not be topped (despite coming close, when they released the “Citizen Steely Dan” complete CD boxed set) until they released their comeback album, Two Against Nature, when we were living in NYC.

Here’s the thing:

I just discovered that they’re on tour this summer, with Michael McDonald (who, like most of the Doobie Brothers, was a studio musician/back-up singer for Steely Dan in the 70s — listen to the single “Peg” for the most recognizable occurance of his distinctive voice). I’ve never gotten to see them — the shows in the NYC area, during the “Two Against Nature” tour, sold out instantly. They remain one of my musical obsessions, and I’ve never gotten the chance to see them.

Steely Dan, with Michael McDonald.

They’re not coming to KC.

They’re playing Denver next Monday, which is already sold out.

They’ve added one more show to the tour — St. Louis, UMB Bank Pavilion. On fucking LABOR DAY, when I’m going to be working at KCRF.


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  1. I will hope for you that if they’ve added that date to the tour that a date in KC might get added as well, as they could sweep through easily.


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