I’ve been fascinated by the Interviews that I’ve seen on friends LJs….but if I posted “Interview Me!” comments to everyone’s entries, it would take way too much time.

So, I’m going to be a meme-rule-breaking dork, and simply post this: If you’re interested in interviewing me, go ahead and post your questions in the comments below. I will answer as soon as I can, in a dedicated post of its own.

3 Replies to “Interviews”

  1. Ask, and ye shall receive:

    1. You have obviously traveled a fair amount. Are there any places you long to find yourself, but have not yet had the opportunity to experience?

    2. I have found that you are adept at self-depreciation on a number of fronts. Turning that proclivity to the other side of the balance, what are the aspects of yourself which can honestly and unabashedly say you like?

    3. You have mentioned previously that you have been “out of the broom closet” for a number of years. What is that drew you originally to a pagan path and why did you opt to be open about your beliefs?

    4. Of all of the avenues of creative expression in which you work, which do you think is the best conduit for you to speak from your deepest inner self?

    5. As we found out, there is a great deal of Gemini placed in your chart. What would you say is the most positive aspect of living within a mercurial worldview, and what is the most challenging?


  2. 1) Why do you think your spirituality went on a kind of hiatus, and why has it begun creeping back into your life? And correct me if I’m misinterpreting your spirituality for you. ;)

    2) You can only get one novel published, and once it’s done it is garunteed to be a bestseller. You can live on it forever, but can’t publish anything else EVER. What do you write?

    3) What does writing feel like to you, physically?

    4) What made you get your degree in Asian studies? Are you still glad of the choice?

    5) What’s the book that has most changed your life? How?

  3. Sure, why not?

    1. One thing you wish you had never done and why.

    2. You are really into music and like to put things together (Friday music, etc.) what is your ultimate top ten playlist?

    3. When I worked at the Metropolitan Opera, you applied for a position there (in PR, I think). The politics in the place meant that the job went to a muckety-muck’s niece, but do you think it would have been a good fit for you?

    4. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are a very happy drunk. Why do you think that is?

    5. Where does your political viewpoint stem from (is your family liberal too, or did you become enlightened on your own?)

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