The Police Announce Tour

After last night’s performance at the Grammys, The Police have launched a website and announced the dates for their tour:

May 28, 2007 Vancouver
Jun 06, 2007 Seattle
Jun 09, 2007 Denver
Jun 15, 2007 Las Vegas
Jun 16, 2007 Manchester TN
Jun 18, 2007 Phoenix
Jun 26, 2007 Dallas
Jun 30, 2007 New Orleans
Jul 02, 2007 St. Louis
Jul 22, 2007 Toronto
Jul 25, 2007 Montreal
Jul 28, 2007 Boston
Aug 01, 2007 New York City
Aug 03, 2007 New York City

So, yeah…..KC nowhere on that list, so I guess St. Louis it is, then. I’m going.

6 Replies to “The Police Announce Tour”

  1. Don’t fret yet; there are at least a couple of Canadian dates that are expected but not yet locked down to a venue. I expect we’ll see the tour schedule fleshed out over the next few weeks.

  2. OOOooo! I guess I know where I’m gonna be in the beginning of August! I must go find a babysitter this instant before all our approved people get tickets!

  3. Those are just the confirmed dates. There may be more added to that first leg, plus there’s talk that after they do a European leg in the fall, they’ll come back to the U.S. for more dates.

    Nowhere in the SE right now, so NYC it is.

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