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This week’s installment:

The lead single from The White Stripes’ new album is getting airplay, although since I don’t listen to the radio that much, I didn’t hear it until we were coming back from the airport on Wednesday. I LOVE THIS. It sounds a bit like Jack White actually amped a hurdy-gurdy, which wouldn’t surprise me a bit. This is the radio edit — apparently the album version will be longer. This song contains one of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard: “Well Americans, What — Nothing better to do? Why dont’cha kick yourself out, you’re an immigrant, too. Who’s using who – what shall we do? You can’t be a Pimp and a Prostitute, too.” Wow. The White Stripes – “Icky Thump (edit).”

Ever since posting M.I.A.’s “Hit That.” a few weeks back, I’ve been digging into her past catalog. I’m a big fan of this particular track — which, depressingly enough, MTV refused to play in America, because it contains the lyric “like PLO I don’t surrender.” Bling and Bitches, of course, still get MTV’s approval. M.I.A. – “Sunshowers.”

Prince is releasing his new single exclusively via Verizon Wireless. Yes, it’s only available on cellphones. He’s hoping to use the gimmick to build awareness of the track — which is from an album that is currently lacking a label or a release date. Naturally, the track has found its way online: Prince – “Guitar.”

More “baroque pop” from Patrick Wolf. The more I hear, the more I like. Patrick Wolf – “Paris.”

Some TV-theme nostalgia for the children of the 70s — not only the theme to one of the better detective shows of the period, but a smoking-hot bit of funk from an unexpected source: Sammy Davis, Jr. – “Baretta’s Theme (Eye on The Sparrow)”

Sol Seppy is a new singer-songwriter based in NYC (born and raised in the UK), who does a combination of pop, folk and electronic music. This particular track sends chills up my spine. Sol Seppy – “Move.”


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  1. That line of “Icky Thump” gets me EVERY TIME. Good stuff that is.

    “Baroque pop” you say? How did I miss this previously? I am intrigued.

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