Steampunk Magazine

Steampunk Magazine is a magazine celebrating the steampunk aesthetic with fiction, art and articles. It’s available as a free PDF download, or in print direct from the publisher for $3.00 an issue. Very cool stuff.

Articles in the first two issues include:

  • An interview with Michael Moorcock,
  • A ‘how-to’ article on “electrolytic etching,”
  • An article on the environmental impact of coal,
  • How to build a Pennyfarthing bicycle.
  • “Steam Gear” fashion guide

    …and tons of fiction.

    Before the age of homogenization and micro-machinery, before the tyrannous efficiency of internal combustion and the domestication of electricity, lived beautiful, monstrous machines that lived and breathed and exploded unexpectedly at inconvenient moments. It was a time where art and craft were united, where unique wonders were invented and forgotten, and punks roamed the streets, living in squats and fighting against despotic governance through wit, will and wile.

    Even if we had to make it all up.

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