Doctor Who – Blink

This weekend’s episode….

That has got to be one of the more frightening monsters created for the show EVAR. (Yes, E – V – A – R.)

This, like last seasons’ Love and Monsters is an episode shot during a double-filming schedule, which means that it features less of the lead characters (so that the actors aren’t exhausted). The producers have opted to stick to the tighter schedule by creating an episode that focuses on regular people whose lives intersect with the Doctor’s adventures. The action follows these people, rather than the Doctor. It’s a very interesting choice, and a creation of the new show that I like quite a bit.

Whereas last year’s Love and Monsters was largely done for comedic effect, Blink was instead (as so perfectly described it) pants-pissingly frightening.

I loved everything about this episode. The Weeping Angels, the DVD easter eggs, the “timey-whimey….stuff,” everything. I’m a sucker for Who stories that actually deal with the ‘mythology’ of time travel itself, so this one was a particularly satisfying episode for me. The fact that it also serves to make every kid in the UK terrified of public statuary is just a really big bonus.

More like this, please. Next season: More Blink and less Daleks in Manhattan. Please.

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  1. I just need to add:

    OMFG! How did they know that that is exactly what my monkey brain is afraid of whenever I see weeping angel statues?!!!

    PS – We still need to move the couch away from the wall.

  2. Last series, the writer gave us the lovely line ‘I just didn’t want to say “magic door”‘.

    This time it was ‘It dings when there’s stuff.’

  3. This episode ranks right up there with The Empty Child from season 1 as one of the best and most spine-tingling episodes ever. I still get goosebumps thinking about that episode, and I’m going to have them thinking about this one.

  4. Hm. I enjoyed it, but not as much, in part because I wasn’t expecting it to be so Doctor-lite. Perhaps because of that, I thought the resolution was too quick and far too easy. I had a few logic problems (the Tardis was in the police lock-up and then somehow in the house’s basement?), and I thought the ending was unnecessary (Look! Statues! Many of them bronze instead of stone!). I did like the characters, though, and the weeping angels were very creepy.

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