Got my birthday presents from my folks today — direct from HKFlix.com, I have two wuxia television series on DVD:

(The 2006 TV version of Louis Cha (Jin Yong)’s novel, spanning 41 episodes on 9 discs)


The TV series version of Tsui Hark’s “Seven Swords”, filmed directly after the production of the movie was finished. 39 episodes on 8 discs, covering the story “Seven Swords of Mount Tian” in full detail.

Also in the shipment was “Wind and Cloud” — a disc where they edited the 2004 TV version of “Storm Riders” into a 2-hour movie (down from 20-something hours. YIKES), and packaged it as a sequel to the film version:

Not quite as cool as the other two (since it will be fairly disjointed from the editing), but fun nonetheless.

I am one happy wuxia pian kuang re zhe!

3 Replies to “Wuxiariffic!”

  1. Dangit! I need to find more people like you in meatspace – my Mandarin needs a conversational partner to kick my butt into getting it as good as my Cantonese.

  2. I’ve got the “Seven Swordsmen” TV series set as well and I think you’ll really dig it. I saw “Condor Hero” in Best Buy, but hadn’t picked it up. It’s based on, as you probably know, one of the most popular wuxia trilogies by Jinyong (Louis Cha).

    Godo stuff!

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