Friday Music

Still busy with the kids’ visit, but I’d planned ahead and gathered some tracks for Friday Music:

She Wants Revenge have just completed recording their follow-up album, and naturally, a track has already leaked to the internet (most likely by the band itself, or their marketing team). Good stuff — sounds like we’re in for another album of Bauhaus/New Order/80s-alternative Redux — She Wants Revenge – “Written in Blood.”

Venturing more into traditional “rock” than the earlier albums, here’s another track from UNKLE’s new album, War Stories, which was just released: UNKLE – “Chemistry.”

David Bowie’s Life on Mars is one of my favorite songs. It’s so good, it’s almost impossible to do a bad cover of it. It even sounds great accoustic, and in Portugese: Seu Jorge – “Life On Mars.”

A little bit of heart-pumping music to get you moving and launch you into the weekend: Juno Reactor – “High Energy Protons.”

Another track from M.I.A.’s new album, Kala, due out in August. Experimental grime, non-western rhythms — the more I hear, the more I want. M.I.A. – “Bird Flu.”

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of Johnny Rotten and Afrika Bambatta. A song which, sadly, is just as appropriate today as it was when it was released, 20 years ago: Time Zone – “World Destruction.”

A new band I’ve discovered during the past week — from Northeast London, mixing electronic sounds of retro analog synths with driving guitar. Love this. Quite a bit: The Ghost Frequency – “Money on the Fire.”