d20/OGL Meeting from GenCon

The Digital Front podcast has posted the audio from the d20/OGL meeting at GenCon, between WOTC Staff, a few publishers, and a room full of fans who really didn’t need to be there.

It’s quite long, and the audio is pretty bad, but if you slog through it, you can hear a few suggestions and comments from a bunch of folks (including me)….as well as my Duran Duran ringtone immortalized at 1:08:00 (yes, I forgot to turn my phone off).

I’m glad this recording was made, not the least of which is because now I can finally hear the fan who cited Adamant as a hallmark of quality at 1:08:47 (while I was out of the room answering the damn phone)!

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  1. I was sitting near Daniel and his friend who was helping with the recording and watched what they were doing – they were using a little hand-held recorder and holding it up in the air to try to get the folks in the back. I haven’t listened to the recording yet, but I’m amazed they were able to get anything.

  2. Yeah, the audio was just bad (and what you’re hearing is after quite a lot of sound tweaking!), but as Cassandra pointed out, I’m quite surprised we got anything at all. This was yet another side effect of WotC not promoting the panel. By the time I learned about it on Thursday night, podcasters with far better equipment who could have covered the meeting had made other plans that couldn’t be broken, so it was all left to my handheld digital recorder. I figured that it was better to have a bad recording than none at all, which is why I took the chance.

    Hopefully the folks at WotC will take the hint and schedule such important panels at a time when the most publishers can make it, close it off to fans, and (for heaven’s sake) promote it properly and to the right audience!

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