5 Replies to “Raytheon’s “Pain Ray””

  1. This machine has the ability to inflict limitless, unbearable pain.

    In something that cannot be explained away as mere coincidence, so does listening to Bush speak on the subject of, well, anything.

  2. it is inevitable…

    that it will be misused once it is produced. Everything is, from conveyor belts to cattle prods. Electrodes were originally designed to stimulate health, weren’t they?

    So, the question is, do we stop production- PERIOD- & treat it as something as unacceptable as poison gas or germ warfare? Would ANYONE agree to that? Because that’s the only way to avoid this being used, sooner or later, in US torture rooms.

  3. Re: it is inevitable…

    Ah yes… But then the world agrees that Landmines are terrible and evil and do more harm to civilian populations than anyone else.

    Here in the UK, the Government has pladged that they will work against the proliferation of landmines, the UK Armed forces are signed up to never use them, and UK private industry makes millions of them every year and sells them to the third world.

    Unfortunately this proves that theres no political vote that will VETO production of that device, only a corporate one. And you’ll need 51% of them…

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