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Do you remember the “terrorist” that they told us they captured in a NY Hotel after 9/11, who supposedly had a radio transmitter and was directing the hijackers on the planes?

An Egpytian citizen, Abdallah Higazy, was staying in NYC on 9/11 and his hotel was evacuated when the planes hit the towers. The hotel later found in the closet of his room a device that allows you to communicate with airline pilots. Investigators thought this guy had something to do with 9/11 so they questioned him.

According to Higazi, the investigators coerced him into confessing to a role in 9/11. Higazi first denied any involvement with 9/11….and then the coercsion started. The investigator said that they would make sure his family would go through hell in Egypt, where the security services torture people. Higazy then realized he had a choice: he could continue denying the radio was his and his family suffers ungodly torture in Egypt or he confesses and his family is spared.

The story didn’t end there, though — if it had, we’d have heard nothing about it. Higazy “confesses” and he’s processed by the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, an airline pilot who had been sharing Higazy’s room later shows up at the hotel and asks for his radio back. After a while, Higazy is released, and sues the hotel and the FBI. Recently, The Court of Appeals released an opinion, stating that he has a case and may proceed.

Here’s were it gets even more interesting. The opinion was linked to and posted in PDF form on several blogs. Suddenly, The Court of Appeals removed the PDF from their site, and then actually phoned and emailed several bloggers to request the removal of the opinion since it contained “classified information.” The Court said that a revised opinion would come out the next day without the classified information.

A legal blog site called How Appealing refused.

The next day, the Court of Appeals reissued the Higazy opinion. With a redaction — the only thing missing were the facts about how the FBI agent extracted the false confession from Higazy. For some reason, this information is “Classified.”

It’s too late now, though. The PDF has spread to dozens of other sites on the Internet. How Appealing’s original version of the PDF can be found here.

Spread it around. Let everyone you know find out how the Bush administration handles “intelligence” and what they choose to make Classified.

Bush says “we don’t torture.” Which, of course, is bullshit — we do the same “enhanced interrogation” techniques that we prosecuted the Germans for after WWII (they called them “enhanced interrogation” too, in fact). But even in cases where we didn’t use torture, we used the threat of torture committed by our allies — against innocents. Even if Higazy had turned out to be The Devil Himself, his family was not…..and it would have been his family that was tortured, to insure his cooperation.

And all of this is being done in our names. If we do nothing to stop it, we condone it.

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  1. What can we do to stop it? Write a letter to congress? The will of the people has already been co-opted and dismissed by the tyrannical, fascist Bush administration. Our options, as citizens, are severely limited.

  2. Shy of an armed and violent revolution I see no recourse in these matters. The government – not just the administration, but the whole freakshow – has already let us citizens know that “it/they” (meaning Congress, Senate, House of Reps) don’t give a fuck about actual justice. Just their own bank accounts and power bases.

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