“Mac vs PC”-style political ads….

The Center for American Progress, a progressive (read here: word to replace “liberal”, since the all-too-successful rebranding of that word as somehow negative) think tank, has some new ads which use a familiar format…..

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  1. These are great. I hope this is a sign of think tanks on the left becoming at least as good at language and psychology as the tanks on the right have been for decades.

  2. That’s funny :). I’m assuming conservative groups will soon do the opposite ads…

    In France we’ve just been using “left” and “right” for more than 200 hundred years but the line has become more and more blurry in the past 20 years.

  3. And about as much hype and one-sided half-truth as there is with the Mac vs PC ads too.

    Now, before anyone goes jumping to conclusions, I wouldn’t qualify as a conservative, because I’ve got way too many “progressive” ideas. But my views swing wildly from one side to the other, and I agree with many of the viewpoints on the conservative side too.

    These commercials will do exactly what the Mac commercials do. They’ll make the “progressives” (Mac users) feel smug and clever while pissing off the conservatives (PC users). Those who see both sides will get a laugh or a bit of annoyance at the stupidity of the commercials. And the people who don’t care one way or the other still won’t. In the end, they may snag a handful of people too ignorant to think for themselves, but only at the expense of getting them to act on a kneejerk reaction instead of actually getting informed and figuring out what they believe for themselves.

    Personally I like those, “Quit worrying about political affiliations and vote for the person whose views you agree with,” commercials better. I think the last thing this country needs is more one-sided political propaganda (much less outright lies) from either side.

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