Star Wars Saga Edition….

We played SWSE last night, and two of my Jedi player characters ended up in a duel with this lovely fellow:

Gotta say….I’m *loving* this system. The closer that D&D 4th Edition can get to SWSE, the better. The duel was exciting and fast. The “Second Wind” rule saved one character’s life, just long enough for the other character to use Force Thrust to push the above-pictured nasty off the ledge of one of those patented Star Wars bottomless shafts….

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  1. The Empire would be in SUCH trouble with OSHA when it comes to railings…

    That’s great! I have that SW Saga Book, but haven’t dug into it. I’ve heard that they’ve beefed up hit points, saving throws are simplified into three categories, armor class and skill points are gone, multiple attacks are now feat based, that sort of thing. I’ve heard good things.

  2. I’m playing in a SWSE campaign as well and I totally agree. We are loving it. It’s smooth and quick, yet it’s flexible and offers a wealth of meaningful tactical options. It feels Star Wars-ish. It’s the main reason I’m looking forward to 4e.

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