Friday Music

Not as many tracks this week — Busy week.

The latest bit of earworm advertising from Apple — their new commercials for the iTunes music store had me hunting this track down: The Ting Tings – “Shut Up And Let Me Go.”

I tracked down this song from the Shoot ‘Em Up soundtrack, only to discover an entire Oakenfold album from a couple of years back that I had missed. I love the mix of T-Rex-ish and Bond-ish guitars in this. Paul Oakenfold – “Switch On.”

Some Mash-up Auf Deutsch! DJ Morgoth is offering an entire CD’s worth of german-artist mash-ups for free on his website. Go forth and download. I’m a big fan of this one, which mixes Rammstein and Fettes Brot: DJ Morgoth – “Schwule Sonne (Rammstein vs Fettes Brot).”

For those attending the forthcoming concert in KC, where Elvis Costello will be opening for The Police, I give you a track from Mr. Costello’s latest album, Momofuku: Elvis Costello & The Imposters – “Go Away.”

Lastly, I like it. That’s the only reason. Soul Coughing – “Super Bon Bon.”

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