Old Photoshoppery

found this on an old disk today. It’s about 11 years old — I had taken a picture of the just-started-dating two of us at the “X-Files Night” at the Red Lyon (the pic that still hangs in the pub, in the hall to the restrooms), and did some (admittedly poor) geek photoshopping to it:


It had to happen sooner or later.

Somebody dug up footage of Sarah Palin (back when she was “Sarah Heath”) at the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984. Of course, the videos keep getting taken down (I wonder by whom?), but if you’re quick, you might catch one:

Friday Music!

Not a lot this week — I’ve been way too busy.

First up, a track from the soundtrack to 21 that I’ve been grooving on recently, by The Aliens, a band formed by former members of the now-defunct Beta Band. The Aliens – “I Am The Unknown.”

Another new track, discovered via . The band is Donora, a Pittsburgh PA pop trio. Good, good stuff. Go to their MySpace page and buy lots. Donora – “The Chorus.”

A blast from the past — I had forgotten how much I liked this song. Bryan Adams – “It’s Only Love (ft. Tina Turner).”

Perhaps the best version of this sing ever, in my opinion. Cake – “I Will Survive.”

Lastly, a track from Mika that never fails to brighten my day — the falsetto on this guy is SICK, and matches up perfectly with this campy bit of new wave/disco pop: Mika – “Love Today.”