The Whole Ayers Thing

Easy shut-down to any ConservaTron who froths about so-called “terrorist” (read here: White trust-fund kid protesting against the Vietnam War) William Ayers and his “friendship” (read here — serving on the same charitable board) with Obama:

If Ayers is such a Awful Terrorist Threat, why did the Feds drop all charges against him when he turned himself in to the authorities in 1980?

End of story.

Sooner or later, they’ll figure out that the American people are not really interested in re-fighting the Vietnam war — and the ones who ARE, the ones who view their entire lives as a cultural struggle and civil war between the “Silent Majority” and the “Goddamn Hippies”, are dying out.

Gotta tell ya, though — it seems to me that most of us realize that Vietnam was nothing but a massive waste of human life, and that we had no business being there. The ones who don’t realize that can’t seem give any reason for what we might have gained there, other than “Victory” — as if that is some sort of tactical result with real-world benefits. Um, OK — we might have won. And then what would that have given us? Not a damned thing.

Of course, these little men who can’t get over the penis-shrivelling fact that they lost — these are the ones that now have the most to say about “staying the course” in Iraq. Hardly surprising.

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