Friday Music

First up: I’m not actually linking to the song with this one, but rather the site where you can hear the song, download it for free, and read the lyrics. Because believe me, it’s the lyrics that make this song. Released for free by the band, here’s Everclear – “Jesus Was A Democrat.”

Here’s the end credits theme to Takashi Miike’s Sukiyaki Western Django, that I talked about earlier this week — they took the classic Luis Bacalov theme from the 60s, translated into Japanese, and added bits of asian instrumentation. I love this: Koji Endo – “Django.”

Speaking of themes, here’s a theme to a book. The publishers of the newest James Bond novel (“Devil May Care” by Sebastian Faulks) held a contest for bands to submit a theme song, which now appears on the audiobook version. I like this — a Cardiff-based rock outfit named Sal, who didn’t go for the traditional “Bond sound”, but kept sneaky elements (listen to the notes of the guitar walk up, for example) — and their female lead has a very Skunk Anansie vibe, which blows me away: Sal – “Devil May Care.”

Another theme — and one I’ve posted before. The theme to the 80s miniseries Shaka Zulu. I was thinking of this one because the wife hummed a few bars of the signature opening when I was telling her about Adamant’s new D&D product, the Linotaur, a race of lion-centaurs whose culture I based partially on the Zulu. Margaret Singana – “We Are Growing (Theme From ‘Shaka Zulu.’)”

Still more themes. I’m detecting a theme with this post, and it’s themes, apparently. Phillip Glass has released the music that he did for the supremely creepy horror film Candyman (the original, not the sequels.). This is probably the most recognizable track, presented here for you as an early Halloween goody: Phillip Glass – “Candyman Suite – Helen’s Theme.”

And we break the theme for the last two tracks: First up, one of my favorite songs from the mid-80s smash album Songs from the Big Chair, which didn’t get nearly as much attention as some of the other singles: Tears for Fears – “Mother’s Talk.”

And finally, a supremely chill bit of neo-soul which never fails to bliss me out. Jill Scott – “A Long Walk.”

There you go, kids. Enjoy your weekend.

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