What America REALLY Looks Like

A cartogram of the 2008 election (as it currently stands), where one square equals one electoral vote (which, remember, are based on population):

There’s the “Center-Right Nation” that the right-wing pundits are whining about this morning.

Some things to consider:

In 1980, the patron saint of the right-wing, Ronald Reagan, won his mandate with 50.7% of the popular vote.

In 2004, as most of you will remember, Bush claimed a “clear mandate” with 50.7% of the popular vote, and record turn-out.

Barack Obama has won the election with 52% of the popular vote, and shattering the record turn-out, with more people casting votes for him (over 63 million) than any other candidate in the history of this country.

Really, the logic is simple: If the right-wing says that Obama is a ‘socialist’, and the overwhelming majority of a record turn-out in this country voted him into office….how in the hell can we be a “center-right nation?”

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