Frontier Airlines, Made of EPIC FAIL.

There’s something cosmically wrong about spending all day in an airport — especially without the payoff of travel at the end of it.

Took the kids to the airport this morning for their 10:30 a.m. flight on Frontier, back to Denver.

Except that due to “mechanical troubles” on a flight ready to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, they took those passengers (there were more of them, and juggling international flights is more of a pain in the ass), gave them the Denver plane, and announced that the Denver flight was “delayed.”

They started re-booking people. Remember the good old days when “delayed” was actually spelled “cancelled?”

By the time we got to the head of the line, the next flight (1:00) was full, so the kids were bumped to 4:40. So much for the priority of Unaccompanied Minors — for which I spent an additional couple of hundred bucks (which, by the way, included supposed notification by text, cell and email about delays or changes, sent to me and the kids’ mother. Neither of us received anything at any point during the day.)


There’s a lot more to this story. But I haven’t got the energy to go into it. Long story short: 4:40 flight delayed less than an hour before take-off. The kids flight eventually left by 7:30.

So, we ended up having a lovely 9-hour day at the monument to 1970s depressive architecture that is KC airport.

Joy of joys.

Not particularly thrilled with Frontier right now.

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