I’m an odd duck.

(Yeah, yeah… pipe down, you.)

One of my favorite activities is learning to do new creative things — which is, in and of itself, not that odd. No, the odd part is that I throw myself into these things, devour them, absorb them, add them to my repertoire — with the intention of using them in my business.

I like doing this. The unlocking of new skills is fun for me — and strangely relaxing. Planning on using them in my job is one of the benefits of working in a creative field. Anything I learn is useful towards future projects.

Anyway, this thought occurred to me as I looked at the latest batch of software and related books which I’ve assembled over the holidays:

So I guess nothing really changes — when I was in school, I *hated* to study, and if I was able to skate through just on my brains, I did so. But if a subject really interested me, I went after it like a starving man — reading and studying everything I could until I was satisfied.

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