Being a Grown-up SUCKS.

Had to turn down an opportunity today.

An offer for a gig that I’d have *loved* to do, and that had some truly exciting possibilities.

The job would’ve necessitated a major winding-down of my own business, as well as a cessation of the work that I do for others, too. Plus, it would’ve required relocation to another city. A city which interested me, but which also meant that would have been thrown into the job market in current economy….

Still, I was considering it.

Unfortunately, the salary being offered made it essentially a parallel move. I cannot responsibly take on something which would require moving to a new state, uprooting my wife from her current job, etc., for basically what I’m making right now… no matter how cool I think the job would’ve been.

As I was writing this, it occurred to me: This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever turned down a job that I was really interested in, purely because of money. Guess that means that I’m a grown-up now.

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