The Inauguration, continued.

– The crowd is so damn huge that MSNBC’s cameras can’t give us an overview shot without panning. From the Capitol all the way out now, past the Washington Monument, stretching up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Shots of people in the crowd, smiling, crying.

– They just announced Obama, and he’s come out onto the platform. The million-plus crowd waves small American flags — almost everybody has them, and it looks like a field of flowers. I’m trying to find a word that isn’t “amazing”, and I really can’t.

– Opening remarks from Diane Feinstein. Standard Civics 101 summation of how great the renewal of democracy is, etc. We’re not here to listen to you, Diane. Wrap it up.

– Invocation from Rick Warren. I understand why Obama asked him to do this — and yet again, Obama proves that he’s a better man than I am. No way in hell would I have reached out to the evangelical nut-job community. I’ve had enough of them.

More to come.

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