Showin’ the Indie Love

Joe Hill, who John Scalzi correctly describes as “someone whose writing is a slice of awesome generously slathered with awesome sauce with a sprig of awesome as a garnish”, is running a contest over at his blog in support of local independent bookstores.

Here are the details of March-is-love-your-Indie-Bookstore: The Contest:

How to Play: Go to a local independent bookstore sometime this month. Buy something. Save the receipt. Send a photo or scan of the receipt to this address: Make sure either your e-mail or your receipt includes the name and phone number of the bookstore in question.

Prizes: At the end of March he’ll hold a random drawing, and at least 24 winners will receive a rare or limited edition book (donated by various folks — the full and ever-expanding list is available via various update links on his site).

Very cool.

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