Adam Lambert & Queen

(further blowing any cred we might have….)

As and and I watched the American Idol finale last week (yes, yes, I know — shut up.), I geeked out about the idea of stellar falsetto wailer Adam Lambert becoming the new lead singer for Queen.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that the performance showed a perfect fit — and one that he’s open to take advantage of, given his inconceivable second-place finish. There have been rumors buzzing… and Brian May has talked to Rolling Stone about it.

Short version: They haven’t made the offer, since there was no time to talk. But, they “are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point.”

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be geeking out over here, dreaming of albums of new Queen material, sung by a voice that nearly reaches the level of Freddie Mercury.

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