We’re Expecting….

I’ve mentioned this to a few folks offline, but figured I’d make the general friends-only announcement: and I are expecting another kid…

No, not like that. :)

My younger daughter will be coming out to Kansas and living with us while attending high school. She and her mom reached the point of mutual frustration, and we’ve all decided that it would be better for her to be here.

and I are very happy about this, as we see it as an opportunity to try and add some positive influence and encouragement. The younger daughter (who needs a nickname… the oldest was The Minion, so I’ll have to come up with something by which to refer to her here.) is *extremely* talented in several creative arts, but those weren’t really valued in my Ex’s household — and so she was denied opportunities (which my Ex viewed as “rewards” for performing in traditional areas). I welcome the chance to show my daughter that not only can she study her talents in school, but she can also do them for a living.

So, it turns out that despite successfully launching The Minion off to college, we’re not quite done with the parenting thing! (Not that you’re ever “done” — but you know what I mean. “Just when I thought I was out — they pull me back in!”)

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