Book Lust: Powers and Spy-Girls

Couple of things that I’m drooling over, spotted at Chris Roberson’s blog:

First: PS Publishing has done a limited edition complete Bibliography of the works of Tim Powers. Powers: Secret Histories is 600 pages of notes on every edition of every Powers book published, with notes, interviews, hand-written authorial scribblings, etc. GUH. Three editions: “Standard” edition (1000 copies, signed by Powers) for £40, Slipcased edition (which includes a separately bound 80-page unfinished novel by Powers) for £195, and the uber-deluxe which also includes a facsimile of the original Anubis Gates manuscript for £495.

Me, I’d be just fine with the basic version. Must remember this, for any birthday moolah which might come my way. For anyone else who might be interested — check out the linked web page: PS Publishing is offering a 24-page PDF sample.

Second: I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff — artist Kevin Dart has released Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7: a gorgeous overview of the “Yuki 7” spy films of the 1960s, including movie posters, lobby cards, film stills, the whole shebang. The thing is, the “Yuki 7” films only exist in Dart’s mind, making this a retrospective of a movie series which doesn’t exist. I’m perfectly OK with that.

They’ve also done a book trailer for the release, made to look like a trailer for “A Kiss From Tokyo”, which, as I’m sure you remember, is the best film from the Yuki 7 series:

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