Mac Guy Needs PC HALP.

So yeah: Dotta Numba 2 is now here.

Here’s the thing: She has a PC desktop, which, due to the vagaries of the move from CO, is currently lacking in a) a monitor, and b) a wireless network card, so she can access our home network (and hence, Teh Intarwebs).

So I turn to you, oh VURD: I need to get those things, and any help would be welcome. If you have any extra bits lying around, or know of any sources that are fairly reasonable, let me know. might have a line on a monitor via Freecycle — we’ll see.

Once I’ve acquired the tech goodies, I’ll need some assistance in installation and set-up of the wireless card. I’m a Mac guy, and don’t speak-a da PC. If you can lend a hand, please drop me a comment.

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