Friday Music

Kind of a short one this week — busy, busy, busy.

First off — I heard this track on our way out of Denver last weekend. It’s a London-based female-fronted punk band which is currently part of the Warped Tour. It dug into my head and wouldn’t let go, so I grabbed a copy and have listened to it about a gajillion times this week. I’m definitely picking up their album (Soho Lights). I love punk three-pieces, and having a “chick” as the lead rocks on toast. TAT – “Road to Paradise.”

New single from the debut album of the latest UK electropop sensation, Victoria Hesketh, known professionally as Little Boots. I’ve posted her single “Meddle” before, and here is another from her album, Hands, which comes out next week: Little Boots – “New In Town.”

Another good britpop band, Golden Silvers, whose debut album, True Romance has just been released. Golden Silvers – “Arrows of Eros.”

This one is from 2003, but I’m just discovering it. A Melbourne-based band with a *huge* roster (a full brass section helps) that mixes rock, pop, swing, reggae and hip-hop. The Cat Empire – “Hello.”

Lastly, I heard the awful club hip-hop “remake” of this track by Flo Rida on our drive last weekend. To paraphrase Bono’s concert intro to U2’s version of “Helter Skelter”: This is a song Flo Rida stole from Dead or Alive… I’m stealing it back. Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).”


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