Ronaldo leaving Manchester United

In a deal I suspect was put into place last summer (when the rumors were flying hot and heavy), Christiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid in the Spanish League. His last role at United: Serving as a one-man stimulus package in a bad economy, garnering the club £80 Million.

His performance this year was lackluster compared to last year (another reason I suspect the deal was already in place — he seemed to half-ass it this season. Although, truthfully, his “half-assed” is still far and away beyond most players “whole-assed” — I mean he was still the team’s top scorer…), and, I suppose if one of the best footballers in the world is going to leave my favorite team, I’d rather that he leave for another League entirely.

It will be interesting to see what ManU does in the transfer market to shore up the loss.

Interestingly, this means that Real Madrid now have both Ronaldo and Kaka. Yikes.

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