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  • Less news coming out of Iran today — the government is cracking down harder, blocking cellphones and apparently going around and confiscating satellite dishes where they find them. What information that is available indicates that the resistance is still happening. At least one of the Ayatollahs has come out on the side of the uprising, which in itself is pretty amazing. There are also reports of senior members of the Revolutionary Guard being arrested — apparently for conspiring to join the resistance, bringing some of the military along with them.
  • CNN disgusts me. Now that Iran has completely cracked down on foreign reporters covering anything, they’re using that as an excuse to simply relay the REAL NEWS being reported via Facebook, Twitter and other social media — and they have the fucking NERVE to say that these are coming in from “their iReporters”, trying to make it look as if they’re doing the reporting. Sorry, chucklefucks — you fiddled while history was occuring. You don’t get to jump in and claim that it’s all you, now.
  • The Republicans have taken this as an opportunity to slam Obama for not being all forceful, big-dicked and manly in his condemnation of the coup and support for the protesters. Of course, subtlety was never their strong point… or intelligence for that matter. Their base is too fucking stupid to realize that injecting the US into this in any strong way at this point would only strengthen Ahmedinejad’s position. The US has no high ground here, after helping to depose their last democratically-elected government. You don’t hand the coup an excuse to charge that the protesters are CIA-funded dupes, dumbasses.
  • Support *is* there, if you know where to look — the State Department asked Twitter to hold off on their scheduled maintenance outage yesterday, for example — recognizing the importance of the tool to the resistance.
  • I’m finding it fascinating that the Left and the Right in the US are largely agreeing on this topic — support for the resistance is across party lines. (Although, perhaps oddly, the loudest voices on the Right in support of the protesters are the same ones who have crowed “BOMB IRAN” and agitated for a military option against Iran for *years* — exactly who do these geniuses think would’ve been killed in those attacks? The same people they now support. Again, things are complicated, and conservatives don’t do complex.)

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