Friday Music

There was no Friday Music last week (too busy), and there will be no Friday Music next week (GenCon). So, that means that I must give you a good one this week!

First up — more new Muse! This is the official first single from the new album, The Resistance. Less overtly Queen-ish than the last track I posted — more Goldfrapp-y. I very much approve of the political content. They’re two for two on this new album, as far as I’m concerned…. Muse – “Uprising.”

For those of you who caught the video that I posted yesterday, here’s the mp3 — a single from the debut album of the world’s first ‘Trock’ (Time Lord Rock) band. Check the link I posted yesterday to order the CD. Chameleon Circuit – “An Awful Lot of Running.”

I recently upgraded by XBox footie game from FIFA 2004 to FIFA 2006 (Shaddap — I don’t have a 360 or any other new-fangled console). As such, I’ve been hearing an *awful lot* of the soundtrack. A couple of songs in particular stick in my head, so I’m passing them along.

First up, this lovely bit of post-punk which manages to sound a bit like something from the period they’re singing about — a nice slice of Cold-War-era Europe: The Rakes – “Strasbourg.”

And some blistering electrofunk from Jamiroquai, largely relegated to one-hit-wonder status here in the US (for “Virtual Insanity.”) — especially nifty in its use of filtered human beatboxing for the bassline. Jamiroquai – “Feels Just Like It Should.”

I was listening to this song, and realized that it was pretty much the last U2 song that I unreservedly loved. I’ve loved songs they’ve released since, but always with a caveat that they were never quite as good as their pre-1987 output. Part of this, I know, is pure teenage passion, and the nostalgia for same. Part, though, is a matter of passion on their part — once they released The Joshua Tree, they started believing their own press as The Greatest Band in The World, and lost their hunger. U2 – “Wire.”

An absolutely gothtastic and creepy cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic, by a operatically-trained vocalist (who places her vocals far back in the mix, as if you’re hearing someone sing it from another room, or at the bottom of a deep, dark well… Zola Jesus – “Somebody To Love.”

Also in the realm of creepy — in more of a Twin Peaks kinda retro vibe — is this instrumental piece from the Danish duo The Raveonettes, from their 2008 EP, Sometimes They Drop By. The Raveonettes – “Vintage Future.”

I really like the Blues. Simultaneously a period style, and yet constantly relevant. For example, this version of a Leadbelly classic, which I think I actually like better than the original. It’s the closing song from the last televised performance before Kurt Cobain’s death, which lends it even more power — and towards the end, when Cobain’s voice drags through the lyrics in what can only be described as an agonized howl…. Shivers. That’s the Blues. Nirvana – “Where Did You Sleep Last Night.”

Lastly, for — one of her favorite tangos. Originally from 1935, this has been used in many films — including the tango scenes in True Lies, and a variation based on it was used in the Addams Family movies. It was also used as the final solo performance this week (a solo tango! Seriously– it was cool) by the eventual winner of So You Think You Can Dance (which is what led me to discover the name of the track). The Tango Project – “Por Una Cabeza.”

There you go, kids.