Mad Men, Then Zombies

How the hell did I miss this?

Last month, AMC announced they’re doing a TV series based on The Walking Dead.

Sure enough, the channel behind Mad Men is going to do a TV series adaptation of the “zombie movie that doesn’t end” — the graphic novel series about trying to live after a zombie apocalypse.

Frank friggin’ Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile) is directing the pilot. He’s already done an amazing job with people-struggling-in-a-supernatural-apocalypse before, with his brilliant version of The Mist, so I think he’s perfect for the job.


We were woken at 4 a.m. by a series of explosions.

At first, I thought I had dreamed them — a particularly unpleasant dream I was having about a military coup kicking off here in the US with the support of half the population.

Then I heard another. And another. Definitely while awake. Flashing back to my dream now. Not a pleasant way to wake up — adrenaline.

Went to the window and could see the column of black smoke, under-lit by a roaring column of fire, barely a half mile away. Another explosion, throwing flaming bits high into the air.

The dream was further away now, but my writer-brain started churning up a zombie apocalypse, featuring a truck loaded with Experimental Stuff that explodes on the highway, and the smoke which poisons those nearby, raising them as zombies… Seemed perfect accompaniment to the conflagration at 4 in the morning.

The sirens began. Soon the fire was gone, and the smoke turning to the ash-grey that indicates that water had entered the equation.

Found out this morning that it was a semi that had caught fire on the turnpike. No fatalities.

Still no idea of what it was carrying, though.