Google Wave

Well, I’ve had a chance to play around with it a bit.

Overall, I’m not particularly impressed. It does what it says on the tin, of course — it handles the functions of email and IM/chat, and if you embed waves in websites, you can do blogs and wikis, etc…. but I’m not really seeing the need to replace all of those separate tools with a single application.

Wave will only turn out to be the “killer ap” if everyone ends up using it instead of email/chat/blogs/livejournal/facebook, etc. …and I honestly don’t see that happening.

Right now, having an “all-in-one” tool is nice, but not really necessary, since the other tools work just fine. I mean, it’s possible to have a combined hammer, saw, screwdriver, drill and spanner, but nobody has bothered to make one since the separate tools are widely used, easily available and well-suited to their particular jobs.

Having said that — I’ve got invites, if anyone out there still wants one. Drop me a line or a comment.


Everything I was going to write on this topic, my friend Steve has already said, and said well.

Civil Rights are not a matter of majority vote. If we had allowed that, the South would still be segregated (legally, I mean — we all know that it still is, culturally speaking).

I want leadership from Obama on this issue — citing the necessity of equality in federal income tax laws (where married couples enjoy a lower tax rate than singles, and yet the legal gay marriages in several states are not permitted to file as married, due to the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act), I want him to sign an executive order, mandating federally-recognized civil unions nation wide.

The right-wing, of course, would lose their fucking minds. But guess what? They’re going to do that no matter what he does. Fuck ’em.