Doctor Who Christmas BBC Ident

A special Christmas-and-Doctor-Who-themed channel ident from the BBC this year:

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Also — American fans won’t have to wait long this year: Part One of The End of Time will air in the US only ONE DAY after the UK– December 26th — and Part Two will air on January 2nd, one day after the UK as well. Given download times, that’s almost the same viewing schedule as getting it via Bittorrent… :)

30 Years Ago Today…..

The Human Adventure Was Just Beginning….

December 7th, 1979 — Star Trek: The Motion Picture opened in theaters.

For all the crap people throw at this moving as “the boring one” — it’s still one of my favorites, mostly by virtue of my memories of being 10 years old and finally seeing my favorite TV show made into a movie that I was convinced was as cool as Star Wars. I remember sitting, absolutely thrilled by the nearly 8 minute long unveiling of the new Enterprise… and I remember coming out of the theater to the sight of the sunset behind some fairly ominous storm clouds, and my Dad pointing out “Look! V’Ger!”

30 years. Wow.

The Swinging Sixties… 2263 A.D.

I’m sure most of you have seen this already, but I’m posting it primarily for my own later reference.

It’s the “sizzle reel” (a trailer proposal for an unfilmed series) for a British SF series best described as “Ocean’s 11 in Space” — starring one of my favorite British actors — Sean Pertwee (son of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee):

SLINGERS from Mike Sizemore on Vimeo.