Footie via the Internet

So I’ve come to the realization that via the combination of web streaming, torrent and iTunes downloads, and PS3-Netflix streaming, I haven’t watched any programming via our DIRECTV at any point so far in the New Year, with the exception of football matches.

So, it becomes a no-brainer: If I can find a way to watch live games via the internet, I can cancel our DIRECTV subscription and save quite a chunk of change.

I would like recommendations of services which offer the ability for me to watch live EPL games. I’d prefer recommendations of services that you have actually used — I want to know how well they worked. I am also willing to (*gasp*) pay for legitimate subscription services (since it would still be cheaper than the full slate we’re paying for now), so feel free to offer recommendations there as well.

If I can find a reliable, quality source of live EPL via the internet, I can go 100% internet-only in 2010. And that’s a Nifty Thing.

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