Well, here we are.     I’ve gone ahead and consolidated all of my personal blogging at a new site,

I’ll no longer be posting directly to Livejournal — my new site will be crossposting automatically, however (assuming I got the plug-in loaded correctly). I’ll still be getting LJ comment notification emails, so I can still respond — but generally speaking, if you wish to engage me directly, is the site to do so.

I’ve gone ahead and imported not only all of my Livejournal posts, but all of the even older Blogspot posts — so is now the single site location for all of my blogging posts going back to (jeez!) 2002. Just for the sake of clarity: I’ve placed all 2010 posts in their proper categories, and also tagged all of the “Friday Music” posts going back to the beginning with the “Music” tag (since they were easily searchable) — but beyond that, all of the older stuff will remain under the not-really-that-helpful “Uncategorized” tag (I’m not a masochist: there are something like 2600 posts, fer chrissakes!).

Got most of the new site design finished — although I’m currently beating my head against a puzzler. I’ve got a footer image that’s appearing in Safari on my Macbook Pro, but not in any other browser — and bizarrely, that also includes Safari on my iPhone. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s wrong with the CSS that could possibly be causing that. Anyone who has the chops: feel free to comment or email and I’ll show you what I mean.

So anyway: That’s about it. The main reason for this post is to make the announcement, and test out the cross-posting, so there’s not much else to say.

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  1. The odd thing is, it WAS there. So, I figured I’d re-save it. I downloaded it from the server, and decided to take a look at it in Photoshop. Photoshop gave me a JPG marker error. So I grabbed the original, re-saved it, and uploaded it again. I think that’s done the trick.

  2. Definitely a footer there. Nice layout; good template. Fun, but still very readable. Renders well on small(er) screen (1024×600).

    Good luck with all the cross-linking and so on!

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