Work Load

So, yeah. 41.

My birthday was over the weekend, and now I’m back into the work, up to my eyeballs as usual.

Birthday swag included Red Dead Redemption, Tales of the Gold Monkey, and a 1-1 draw between the US and England in the World Cup, in a game that drew more viewers than any game of the 2010 Stanley Cup or any of the first 4 games of the NBA finals.

The World Cup continues, but I’m not getting to watch nearly as much as I’d like (beyond the evening’s highlight show on ESPN), as I’ve got a mountain of work piled up — and more being added to the To-Do list every day. The work load is preventing me from diving into RED DEAD REDEMPTION as well — which I’m chomping at the bit to explore.

Just the stuff that I can talk about: Final layout and release of the EPUB and MOBI versions of ICONS (for the Gulf charities– details here), release of the next installments of Thrilling Tales Theatre (fallen horribly behind on what was supposed to be weekly releases), finish layout and release “Warriors of MARS” and “Face of MARS”, layout and release the first ICONS PDF adventure (Steve Kenson’s “The Skeletron Key”), layout and release “The Valley of Mystery” (the next THRILLING TALES adventure), finish layout and release PDF and Print editions of Pathfinder version of CORSAIR….

…and that’s not even talking about various contracts, proposals and prospectus that I need to be working on, this week alone.

I seriously need to be hiring some production freelancers, but the problem is that by the time I assemble templates and artwork, I’ve already done most of the work and it just seems simpler to do the rest myself. But that way lies logjams (as is evidenced by the above list, which I remind you is partial).

Those of you with comparable work loads — how do you avoid drowning? I’d welcome suggestions at this point.