Friday Music

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these, and I was reminded of it recently by Chuck Wendig. So, here we are again.

For a fairly large part of this summer, I was listening to the new self-titled solo album from Slash. Pretty much every member of Guns n’ Roses (with the obvious exception of Axl Rose) played on this album, along with a long list of guests (usually providing vocals). Two of my favorite tracks:

I am a huge fan, however, if remixes that turn metal tracks into dancefloor stompers, such as this amazing bit of work from Bassnectar, reworking a Metallica track. Makes you want to MOVE: Metallica – “Seek Destroy (Bassnectar Remix).”

Found out about this one from Tessa Gratton, who pointed me in the direction of the amazing Young-James-Brown-reborn-as-a Gorgeous-Woman music video. Janelle Monae is a Kansas City native who does retro-tinged dance-soul-funk. So, basically, The Noisettes meets Sharon Jones meets Mark Ronson meets Outkast (literally in the last case, as Big Boi guests on this track). Even more basically: exactly the sort of stuff I love. Janelle Monae – “Tightrope (feat. Big Boi).”

For my wife Laura: Her favorite song from Jessica Rabbit. I didn’t realize this, but the vocals for this track were performed by Amy Irving. Yes, THAT Amy Irving — the actress. I had no idea she could sing! I wonder if she was considered for the voice of Jessica before they got Kathleen Turner… Jessica Rabbit (vocals by Amy Irving) – “Why Don’t You Do Right.”

Very nice bit of circa-2006 electronica, which I discovered via the backing track for the CG reel of a freelancer that I was looking at for one of the transmedia properties I’m working on. Hyper – “Cascade.”

My favorite track from Kasabian’s latest album, which I’ve also been wearing out through constant play over the past couple of months: Kasabian – “Underdog.”

So there we go. I’ll try to get this back on a weekly schedule. Enjoy!

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