The Dark Side of the Internet

I posted this link a few days ago via Twitter, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to put it up here. Thank you to John Wick for drawing my attention to it.

This is a 10-minute segment of a longer interview with Kevin Smith, where he talks about his realization that it’s OK to ignore the bullshit that people say about you on the internet. It’s a lesson that sounds easy, sure — but speaking from experience, it really isn’t. We’re sort of hard-wired to defend ourselves — the trick (which I’m still trying to perfect) is in understanding that the only people who care about what’s being said are 1) the one doing the shit-talking, and 2) you — and you can remove yourself from that equation.

Worth watching, and, speaking personally, something that I really need to work harder on putting into practice.

I need to remember to heed the message of the T-Shirt: